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MIKA, run by Kazimierz Mikołajczak, has been active in the buying and processing of fruit and vegetables from the very beginning.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, after washing and processing, are immediately subjected to the freezing process in a modern fluidization tunnel. The company specializes in the processing of forest fruit, among others among others (blueberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries).

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Processed fruits and vegetables

Frozen food - Facts and myths.

The use of the freezing process is one of the most optimal methods of preserving plant products. The nutritional value of frozen products is most similar to fresh products. Therefore, frozen food should play a special role in our diet in the winter-spring period, when fresh products are no longer so widely available or have lost their nutritional value to a large extent during long storage. Remember that frozen foods can perfectly replace them, because they are the right complement to your everyday healthy diet. In addition, freezing vegetables and fruits largely preserves the characteristics of fresh raw material, such as taste, smell, and color.